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About us

Rider Products (Formally Rider & Smart) started manufacturing egg stands in 1968 as a sideline to our fashion jewelry business in the UK. Many of the egg stands currently available worldwide were designed by the late Mr. Ron Rider in those early years.

Unfortunately the worldwide recession, escalating costs of materials and other factors have taken its toll on the egg decorating craft as a whole, especially in the UK. For this reason Rider Products has decided to embarked on an ambitious project to rejuvenate the egg craft industry by investing in new “copyright” egg stand designs and using innovative manufacturing techniques that will provide the egg crafters worldwide with high quality products at more affordable prices.

Starting in June this year (2015) and throughout 2016 we will continue to add more new exciting designs to the range as well as manufacturing many of the original classics, we believe the new range of quality stands will be worthy of the time and effort you spend on designing and decorating your eggs.

To be kept up to date with developments, promotions, new stands and other products as they are released please join us on Facebook and twitter. If you wish to start your own business by becoming a trader or receive discount as a seminar group or instructor please contact us via email to discuss how we can help you. In addition if you have ideas or specific bespoke stands you wish us to manufacture, again feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to the coming year and hope we can work with you to provide for your needs and that of the egg crafters worldwide.

 Simon Rider
Company Owner